We believe in giving today for a greater tomorrow. While providing wholesome development continues to be our priority, we also stand for the right that every child deserves the opportunity of living a healthy and happy childhood. Iccha stems from this thought. How about we make a few wishes come true?

The programme aims at conducting major events across India which looks at imparting smiles to those who really need it. Our activities range from giving small gifts such as stationary items, toys or story books to painting schools and orphanages or distributing hygiene kits or footwear to institutions.  Wish Tree, Back to School, Birthday Bash, Movie Time are some of the  major events conducted.

By November 2019, we aim to impart 5000 smiles through Iccha Events.

We at Drikshya, look forward to creating many more memorable moments by spreading the gift of happiness all around. Join us in spreading the cheer by hosting an event at your space or you could contribute towards an event. 

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