We believe in learning beyond books and are working towards wholesome development. The root of enlightenment stems from the education that an individual receives and the environment that they learn in. The aim of this program is to  enhance their learning skills and bring about a positive personality development. The programme provides specialised workshops and training to children on career enhancement, safe and unsafe touch, vocational training, gender sensitization, hygiene, art and dance classes etc.

For this programme we will be working with professionals in the field of psychology, education, art, literature, medicine etc. to make the children get knowledge from industry experts.

By November 2019, we aim to impact 20 schools with our Shiksha projects.

Your contribution will help shape a child’s future in a positive manner, helping them reach their maximum potential.  The phrase ‘Together We Can do it’  can help a child work on their potential that is away from the books and transform them in their own space.

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